Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yes You Can!!!

Why is Allee Willis’s new video “Hey, Jerrie” one of the fastest growing videos on YouTube? Because it’s what I call The Anthem of the “YES YOU CAN” Movement.

As a coach and speaker I am blessed to meet with so many amazing women and men. In these very interesting times I am seeing a trend of people giving up on themselves. Do you have dreams that are still unfurled? Do they sit in the dusty, dark corner of the utility closet of your life?

There is so much to learn from the amazing Allee Willis that proves every one of your “No, I Can’t” theories wrong. A few months ago, Allee and I sat down and chatted about process. It was remarkable how similar her creative process and the coaching process were. Here is some behind the scenes moments captured on my humble Flip camera. If you want to see how an artist is fully engaged in the creative process study what Allee is saying.

Every minute is a battle between two four letter words. See for yourself!

So…What is this moment going to be? Anyone can go from Funky To Fabulous!!

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