Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gratitude: How To Excercize Your Joy

Gratitude has the ability to open our eyes to new opportunities. In my coaching practice, I find that clients who actively cultivate gratitude are more likely to find creative solutions more quickly. In the current economy, using this internal muscle is key. Another key component of gratitude is the joyous feeling that accompanies it. When working with business owners, I find that many of them don't take time to get out and enjoy life beyond their business. (I am guilty of this myself.)

If you are in Los Angeles, stop by LACMA. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has an incredible out door instillation. As you can see here, it is a world made of every day plastic items in the most gleeful of colors.

Yep...that little speck of a person in the waterfall of plastic is me. Hope you go and play! It was a blast!

It is free...and it is FUN!

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