Monday, August 24, 2009

Tips to Avoid Burnout. How to Take A Stay-cation.

As an executive coach, I see so many of my clients at large companies are burnt to a crisp. Don't believe me? Why is it that it is August and so many Huffington Post bloggers are talking about burnout? My belief it that these are brilliant posts, from brilliant people and like the rest of us...they need a break. Even if a big trip isn't in your budget you can take a 'stay-cation.' Here are some Stay-cation Tips.

1. Take A Vacation....From Your Phone.
One of the fastest ways to unwind is to "take a vacation" from your PDA. As a culture we are accustomed to being 'wired' all day every day. When I offered the tip of putting your phone away on a TV show recently the anchor exclaimed that it was 'brilliant'. My bet is that she could benefit from a PDA vacation.

2. The 12 Steps Insurance Policy

Many Americans only take a 'semi vacation'. They lug their laptop to the beach and I have seen them talking on their cell phones while taking a hike. They allow themselves to work "1 or 2 hours" a day even on vacation. If you aren't fully disconnected from your work, you aren't allowing yourself to truly replenish. A semi vacation isn't the real vacation your body needs.

How do you avoid that?
The 12 Step Rule. Take 12 steps away from your computer, blackberry,iphone. If you can't take the 12 steps away from your computer for four may be addicted to the over stimulation it represents.

3. It's Nap Time.

"After the going's been tough the tough get horizontal." If you are like most American's you have a sleep debt. Take some vacation time to catch up on your zzzzzz's. Studies show that lack of sleep is a huge stressor for your body.

4. Is Your Name Martha?

Unless your name is Martha Stewart and you just love, love, love to organize drawers do not turn your stay-cation into a chore and errand festival. (I had a client whose hobby was ironing -so I know that those folks are out there!) If you know that you are more relaxed with a tidy home take the weekend before your stay-cation to clean.

5. People First
Is spending time with friend pretty much the last thing on your To Do list? Now is the time to see how much richer and fuller your life is with the folks you enjoy. Potlucks, bike rides, hikes there may even be free concerts or gallery events in your town.

What are some of your tips for a stay-cation?

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