Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More "Staycation Tips"

Here are a few more tips to go from Vacation to "Staycation"!

-The 12 Steps

Even when on holiday many Americans only take a 'semi vacation". They lug their laptop to the beach and I have seen them talking on their cell phones while taking a hike. They allow themselves to work "1 or 2 hours" a day. If you aren't fully disconnected from your work, you aren't allowing yourself to truly replenish. A semi vacation isn't the real vacation your body needs.

How do you avoid that? The 12 Step Rule.

Take 12 steps away from your computer, blackberry, iPhone. If you can't take the 12 steps away from your computer for two may be addicted to the over stimulation it represents.Take a real break for two days a month.

-It's Nap Time

"After the going's been tough the tough get horizontal." If you are like most Americans you have a sleep debt. Take some vacation time to catch up on your zzzzzz's. Studies show that lack of sleep is a huge stressor for your body. It feels luxurious to nap when your body asks for sleep.

-People First

Is spending time with friend pretty much the last thing on your To Do list? Now is the time to see how much richer and fuller your life is with the folks you enjoy. Potlucks, bike rides, hikes there may even be free concerts or gallery events in your town.

-Get International

If you can't leave town, find the international flavor where you live. This is one of my personal favorites! Eat a type of food you've never eaten before. Indonesian (my friend Annette and I had no clue of what we had ordered), Bulgarian, Ethiopian and Hungarian are some of the offerings in Los Angeles. Regardless of the city, I bet there is a sort of food experience that would be adventurous.

If you really want to feel like you have left town, go to a foreign market. I ventured into Asian warehouse market in a neighborhood called Little Saigon. It was like taking a trip to the Far East. I walked down entire grocery aisles of unknown foods, fruits and frozen treats. I brought home melons, pink rice like concoctions and Happy Bo coconut cookies. Yum!

-Dive Into Difference

Whatever your weekend rituals, break them. Do something different. (Always a mega stress buster.) If you take a walk in the forest, go somewhere else. Let the new location surprise you. I did this and went for my walk on a different beach. A family of dolphins "welcomed me." I walked along side them as they swam south for almost 45 minutes. Then I dove in to swim with them.

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