Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fabulous Rescources

As a coach, I am seeing more people want to use their time more effectively.

Batch I love, love, love this contact management system. It is so easy to use that it makes a person want to pick up the phone and do some 'gold calling'!

OneBox: This is a really cool tool you can use to make your company look bigger than it really is. When your customers call you, Onebox has a personalized automated system that makes it sound like your office is in an executive Suite, not the corner of your laundry room. (At $45 a month it is a steal.)

Google Voice: Another great phone system, you get a office number from Google, and they forward it to any number you like. You could be at the park with your kids, and your clients will think your working hard in your office. Best thing about Google Voice is that it’s free.

Skype: I love speaking to freinds and family in Europe on this.
Great for video conferencing with your international or out of state clients.

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