Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Tip For Better Self Care

A few weeks ago I started Birkram Yoga... also known as “sweaty-sweat-box-killer-yoga.” (Yoga in a room that is 105 degrees.)As tough as it is, I sure feel great when I do it consistently. If self care is at the bottom of your list here is a tip that may help you.

GPS The Goodie Project System
Numerous studies show that it is important to reward yourself for completing tasks. My dear friend and Time Management Guru, David Allen, stresses this in all his work. I call it GPS The Goodie Project System Set a specific reward (goodie) for achieving a goal (project) and watch yourself get there faster. I told myself I got to buy my favorite perfume for being 100% on my low carb diet for a week. Not one molecule of bread touched my lips…and boy, do I smell good now!

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