Friday, March 24, 2006

Frustration: The Perfect Bibliography

Today was a special day. I had the pleasure of putting together the bibliography for Eli's book, Funky to Fabulous. This is a grueling process for me even though I am an English Major and do it ALL THE TIME. Compiling the bibliography was quite frustrating not only because there are different formats for different sources but, most of the time, I was missing the information I needed. I had to do research. This, however, proved to be more difficult than I imagined because some of these sources date back to 2000. Above all, I am a very anal person so when it comes to details, bibliographies, and work-related affairs, I get really frustrated because I want to make everything perfect. I am by no means a perfectionist, but certain things just drive me up the wall!

***Eli here. I am by NO MEANS an anal person. That is why I am soooooooo happy that Irina did this for me!!!!

Ok, so as frustrated as I was with this task, I was very glad to be doing this for Eli, aside from it being my job since I am the intern. Now, I am done with it and, although, I am glad it's done, I am also glad that I got to do it because bibliographies are a little less scary to me now. I grabbed the bull by the horns and confronted one of the most annoying tasks. Because of this experience, I am no longer scared of bibliographies and as silly as it may seem to some of you..being scared of the bibliography..keep in mind that we all have weird issues.

Although the bibliography is probably not perfect and I completely expect to see it again in the future for correcting, I am very satisfied with the work I have done because it definitely gives a sense of some sort of accomplishment.

The Bibliography Queen,



Anonymous said...

Thank you again you did a TERRIFIC JOB.

I really appreciate it!

Funky to Fabulous said...

Did I mention how much I appreciate your terrific contribution?

Again....mnay thanks to you!!!