Friday, October 13, 2006

Funky to Fabulous

When you call your book, Funky to Fabulous man, is that what will happen in your life. Last Wednesday I got a call as I left a meeting that there was A FIRE IN MY HOME. (Funky)
But there were workers in the backyard. They spotted the smoke, got in through a window and put out the fire. (Fabulous!) I still have a house standing.
But the smoke was so bad you could smell it from the curb. (Funky).
My clothes smell like Eau de Barbque. (Funky)
They are cleaning the house like nobody's business. (Fabulous)
I am getting a new floor, a new furnace etc. (Fabulous)

My next book may be called...The Good Life Just Gets Better.


Irina said...

omg, is Cleopatra ok? I hope it wasn't too bad.

Funky to Fabulous said...

girl friend!!! yes, cleo is fine...and only eating YOUR food!

We have had 5 New York Times best selling authors, an Oprah Producer and an Oscar nominee endorse the book!!!! Folks are saying that the book is going to be HUGE!!!

can't wait to hear more from YOU!

Irina said...

that's awesome..I can't wait to get back. F2F has become a big part of my life. Miss you all.

Funky to Fabulous said...

Hi There,
You are going to be SO PROUD of this book that you helped to create! I did an interview for a big paper yesterday and do a radio show on Tuesday.

So much great stuff is going on. We all MISS you!!! So how goes it in Holland????