Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tips for Emotional Wellness

If you feel emotionally drained, whether it be due to work, school, or a relationship, here are some tips for your swift recovery. By following these fun and simple techniques, you can reduce stress and manage negative emotions that cause emotional instability.

* Collect Friends
Try taking a more active role in your life. Sign up for a class where there's a lot of social interaction. This will help you build friendships, discuss common interests, and take your mind off of stress related issues.

* Enjoy Solitude
If you need a little time alone because everyone needs a little ME-Time sometimes, then feel free to do so. In order to collect your own thoughts and find the balance and tranquility within yourself. Meditation is a great way to find your inner balance.

* Get Fit
You don't need to be buff or cut in order to be fit. All you need is to get your body moving. Sitting around on the couch or in the office all day can become depressing. Bodies need to be in action, that's what they're for. So go out for a walk or a hike. Go swimming or even to the gym This will help you feel healthier and more and more in control of your own body. This also includes eating right, sleeping well, and relaxing enough so that you can reach a balance, physically and emotionally.

* Find a Passion
Finding something you're passionate for, can give you a meaning and a purpose. It can also take your mind off your troubles and concerns. It will provide some excitement and interest to your life. Go take an art class or even a dance class. How about some salsa? It will not hurt you, I promise. It will however, cover the passion and fitness criteria on this list. Killing two birds with one stone!

* Write it down
Finally, one of the most important ways of figuring out what bugs you is by writing it down. Write down your emotions, make a list of how you would like to solve these problems. Make a to-do list for yourself and take one step at a time towards your goals. Identifying your negative thoughts,is one step towards fixing them. If you know what it is that is bothering you, then you will be able to fix it better and faster.

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