Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Funky to Fabulous

"Funky to Fabulous is really well done.

It reads as if you are speaking to me - I completely hear it as a present conversation with a girlfriend which makes it flow, easy to read and fun while providing very sensible and time-realistic exercises for deep issues/transformations. It also really does work as a "just turn to the page" guide for right now results (rather than having to read front to back to get a full message). There are exercises that I keep going back to and I love that I can use your book that way - get right to the point with clear step-by-step resolutions - and these exercises always call me straight back into the truth of fullness. Gotta love instant results! "

The book also captures your enthusiastic energy and your fabulous imagination for co-creation.
Angela B., Seattle Washington

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