Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Educating Ebenezer: A Lesson For Modern Day Villains

Dear Judith,

Yes indeed! Ebenezer is a wonderful role model for going from Funky to Fabulous ( a topic close to my heart.) I have been observing that loving and generosity have ability to change a perception and behavior.

The shifting paradigm on our planet seems to call each of us to find glad tidings in place that we may have overlooked. Here's to each of us bring forward our generosity- everyday!

Bless you for another great post!
About Happiness
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Judith Rich said...

Hi Eli!

So great to hear from you and thanks for your wonderful comment over on my HuffPo blog and thanks for posting it here.

It seems there's no end to the parade of "villains". Today's news has surfaced yet another one, the governor of Illinois. Definitely funky!

Guess that means the rest of us get to be just that much more fabulous!

Thanks for being an inspiration. I'm loving the book!

Best to you,