Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Depth Of Gratitude

Leave it to some savvy researchers to put gratitude under the microscope. New studies are confirming that all the stuff you thought would make you happy--the turbo-charged new car, the two-week jaunt to Bora Bora, the closet full of new shoes--doesn't. An attitude of gratitude turns out to be a bigger predictor of who is feeling glad to be alive than a big ol' whopping bank account. Yep, just wearing Gratitude Glasses made the difference.

Don't believe me, here is a wonderful website dedicated entirely guessed it, GRATITUDE! Gratitude Watch, Daniel Brenton!


Daniel Brenton said...

Eli --

Thank you for the nod. I appreciate it.

(Focusing so much on gratitude, I guess I'd better, huh?!)

All the best,

-- Daniel

Eli Davidson said...

I LOVE YOUR WORK! Thank you for keeping the focus on Gratitude!