Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Research Gratitude?

A research project on Gratitude and Thanksgiving, put the theory of gratitude to another kind of exam. They asked several hundred people to keep daily journals. The first group jotted down all of the day's occurrences, whether they were good or bad. The second group recorded only the day's lousy experiences. The third group compiled a daily list of only those things for which they were grateful. Hmmmm . Can you guess the result?

You Knew It.
The grateful group had measurably higher levels of energy, alertness, and determination as well as lower levels of stress and depression. And there's more. They were more likely to feel loved, and they were more likely to engage in acts of kindness towards others. People having more energy, feeling more loved, and being nicer to each other--yes indeed, our nation would be a better place if everybody wore Gratitude Glasses. And it only takes a second to put them on.

What are you grateful for? How are you expressing your gratitude? I would love to know.

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