Monday, June 01, 2009

Expert Advice On Interview Skills

As an executive coach here in Santa Monica California I find myself talking to a lot of people day in and day out. This weekend I was talking with recruitment expert Nicole Spicer and she has superb advice to help you amp up your interview skills and I wanted to share this advice!

"Make sure you ask for all the basics: copy of the job description, interview location, parking details, several internal phone numbers in case there is a last minute problem and if there is an online application you can fill out ahead of time," says Spicer.

She also suggests that you find out who you who you will be interviewing with and what his or her title is. If you are being interviewed by multiple people, it's often helpful to know in what order these interviews will occur. Ask who they are in the process, i.e. decision maker or influencer. (This is key.) I love this advice and highly suggest it as well! You can find more advice on Interview skills at my blog at the Huffington Post.

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